How Semper Varia can help

Policy & Market Analysis

Like it or not, the distributed grid – from rooftop solar to demand response – is much more dependent on policy and regulatory decisions than most industries.  Understandable in a market sector that is either semi- or completely regulated, this means policy and regulatory decisions can have a major impact on the success or failure of your business if you aren’t paying attention.

Semper Varia works to understand the ins and outs of your business to provide dedicated updates and analysis specific to your organizational needs and market strategy.  We make sure you are prepared for pending legislative and regulatory decisions by providing clear decision points and actions for most likely outcomes, so you can adapt quickly and effectively.

By keeping our eye on the political horizon, we make sure focusing on your business targets never makes you target-blind.

Project Planning & Management

Change, though inevitable, is usually messy and rarely organic.  With over a decade of project planning and management in multiple industries and countries, Semper Varia’s Principal understands that projects require time, focus, and discipline that is often scarce when managing day-to-day business. Whether you are implementing a new initiative or changing an established operation, most teams can use some outside assistance getting started.

If you find yourself thinking any of the following, we’d love to help.

  • We’re entering a new market and need help setting it up.
  • This project doesn’t naturally fit in any department!
  • We need an extra pair of eyes and hands.
  • Just fix it!
Communication & Strategy

The first rule of communication is knowing and speaking to your audience in their language – not yours.

Whether drafting website content; preparing grant proposals to foundations or government agencies; tackling DOD acquisition processes; preparing investor pitches; or translating between engineers and policy makers; Semper Varia can help your ideas, goals, products, and services clearly stand out in the crowd.