How Semper Varia Can Help

Market & Business Strategy

From a distance, the forest of the US electricity market is a single, interconnected system operating on a standard set of rules which govern its growth.  Dive down into the forest, however, and one finds multiple different systems operating in different areas by different rules at different levels.  For one to grow and thrive in the forest, you must adapt to the various systems and rules of each area.

Semper Varia helps you decide on the best area to travel, the best path to take, the risks and opportunities you may hit, and keeps an eye out for policy and regulatory 'snakes' along the way.  We make sure you can always see both the forest and the trees.

Semper Varia helps you succeed by providing:

  • Policy & Market Analysis Workshops: Provide a half- or full-day review of important policy,  regulatory actions in you current markets including impact analysis on your product and growth targets.  This support can also be provided on an ongoing basis in short, digestible written updates and reports.
  • Business Strategy Workshops: Leading half- or full-day workshop with leadership teams to deep dive into how current business strategy lines up with short- and medium-term goals and opportunities in the market.
  • New Market Strategy & Implementation Support: Targeted analysis and operational planning for growth into new local and state markets including competitors, policy and regulatory trends, risks, opportunities, and initial planning requirements for launch.
  • Process & Operations Strategy & Change Management: Identify process gaps and needs relating to pending legislative and regulatory decisions, and provide clear decision points and actions for most likely outcomes in order to adapt quickly and effectively.

Semper Varia makes sure you always see both the forest and the trees.

Project Planning & Management

Change, though inevitable, is usually messy and rarely organic. With over a decade of project planning and management in multiple industries, Semper Varia’s Principal understands that projects require time, focus, and discipline that is often scarce when managing day-to-day business. Whether you are implementing a new initiative, launching a new market or product, or changing an established operation, most teams can use some outside assistance managing such cross-functional actions.

If you find yourself thinking any of the following, Semper Varia can help.

  • We’re entering a new market and need help setting it up.
  • This project doesn’t naturally fit in any department
  • We need an extra pair of eyes and hands.
  • Just fix it!

Communication & Engagement

Whether you are a distributed energy company looking for partners or funding, a professional service provider who wants to add distributed energy clients to their portfolio, or investors weighing opportunities and risks in the clean energy space, understanding the vocabulary of your audience is key to a successful engagement.

Semper Varia can help your ideas, goals, products, and services clearly stand out. We offer support in:

  • Preparing grant proposals to foundations or government agencies
  • Tackling DOD or other federal agency acquisition processes
  • Preparing investor pitches and conference presentations
  • Translating between engineers, financiers, and policy makers to provide a holistic picture of the market
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